I AMsterdam

Wow, Amsterdam was a total blur! Only had 24 hours and wish I had an extra day there (in hindsight I probably could have seen Brussels in one day.) Amsterdam is such an adorable town. I almost died 5x by death by bicycle since I was too busy trying not to get hit by trams! It was rainy during the day which kept me from getting photos of the canals, but I still managed to make the most of the day. Senay, a Turkish girl that I met at my hostel in Barcelona, met up with me and we spent the day together. First we hit up the Van Gogh museum which I really, really enjoyed, even if his life was pretty depressing. Vincent, you’re emo just like me – I found myself nodding along in agreement while listening to some of your letters to your brother, I totally get you. Well, up until the manic depressive state at least.

After Van Gogh, we got some lunch of bitterballen and fries with mayo (at suggestion of Larissa!) then hit up the Heineken museum to, you know, get more cultured and all. It was cute, and their world bar showed pictures from major cities all over the world. After the museum we headed up to the flower market and Dam Square, then over to the Red Light District which was pretty sad. Overrated! I guess I’m also not the demographic they’re going for either. :) Senay and I then got dinner and drinks for the rest of the night. She’s such a fun, sweet girl and it was great being able to girl talk with someone. More guys backpack than girls so most of the kids I’ve been hanging out with have been guys. They all have been great and a lot of fun, but sometimes you just need to kick it with another female. Hearing her story of what brought her to Europe was really interesting (she’s also traveling solo for a month) and I am amazed at her strength. Senay, it was great spending time with you in Amsterdam, and if our paths don’t cross again during this trip I am definitely coming to visit you in Turkey!

Now I’m waiting in the gigantic Berlin train station (ahhh, I can’t believe I’m here!) to meet my good friend Robert who I haven’t seen in a year and a half since he relocated here from NYC. So, so excited to see him and get to see Berlin through his eyes. And, oh yeah, to stay in an apartment for a few days! I need a break from the hostel scene for a bit. Can’t believe my Europe leg of my adventures is already half way over. I guess I better plan to go out with a bang!!

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