First impressions upon arriving in Paris:
1) Wow, I’m no longer the only Indian in town
2) The frenchies are so hot!
3) Some of the metro trains here make NYC subways look immaculate. And people open the doors and hop out before it even stops — wild!

Things I love so far about Paris:
1) The triple cheek kiss, especially when guys do it aww
2) That everyone walks around carrying large loaves of bread and cheese
3) I think I already touched on the general hotness factor, for both men and women.

Man, today was kind of stressful! Apparently I really wasn’t ready for the transition from small town living to the hustle and bustle of Paris. I got in around midnight last night and only had enough energy to shower and wake up all my roomies with my luggage. I’m in an all female room for the first time. Girls apparently sleep earlier than guys, con, but they are also up generally earlier which leaves the room to myself, pro pro!! Being with girls has been super quiet, I guess because they do things like sightsee instead of partying all night. I know, totally odd. This morning I decided to cancel my hostel after tonight because I wasn’t crazy about the location, and I searched for a proper replacement more in the heart of the city. After a few hours, and a couple “uh oh did I just screw myself over in a foreign city” moments, I found a somewhat affordable hotel not too far from Notre Dame and the Latin Quarter. Yes, this little backpacker is cheating and getting her own room with her OWN bathroom! Whatever, I’m technically still getting paid out from my vacation days, this ones on CBRE!

After having a huuuge late lunch around 5, I snapped some photos around town and gave myself my own walking tour of a few different neighborhoods, stopping along the way to try different foods. Today, I’ve had a chocolate brioche, tiramisu, and Berthillon strawberry ice cream. Do they have kickboxing class in Paris? I need it. I think I’m being extra ambitious here, but one of my goals is to go running by the Seine River one morning. Yea right, my mornings will include more caloric intake of pastries and coffee than actual calorie burning, but we’ll see. I’m here until Tues morning so I’m hoping that’ll leave me enough time to really get to know the city better. Any suggestions on places to visit would be awesome!

Notre Dame

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