I Found Heaven in San Sebastian

San Sebastian, I love you! With your quaint streets and lazy cafes, delicious pintxos and cute surfers abounding everywhere. I woke up at the crack of dawn Tues morning so I could catch the early train in from Barca – I’m so glad I did! After snoozing for four hours and watching Rio, I stepped off the train into this adorable town. I checked into the hostel/guesthouse I’m staying at which is in someone’s apartment (super cute and comfortable too!) and made friends with my roomie who’s also a New Yorker. He’s a photo editor and soon we decided to take our Canons out together around the city and also hit up the beach. We had some delicious pintxos (the Basque equivalent to tapas) and then found a spot at the surf beach. A quick dip in the Bay of Biscay and I was soon napping on the beach among all the other Spanish tourists. San Sebastian is such a chill, safe town, and after coming from Barcelona it’s been great to slow down and really just relax. Eat, snooze on the beach, take photos, repeat. Last night we went out with another hostel mate (oh, forgot to mention that my Aussie roommates are also staying at this hostel!) and met another fun girl traveling solo as well. We ate more pintxos at this amazing spot, quite possibly the best in town, and then had some drinks and laughs together until we stumbled home. Another great day!

Oh, and I was originally planning on catching the overnight train to Paris tonight but after being here for a few hours I knew I had to stay an extra day. Time to stroll around the city and hit the beach, this doesn’t suck.

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