A Perfect Day in Barcelona

Today I definitely didnt have a case of the mondays.

Monday was my last full day in Barcelona and I definitely wanted to make it worth it. John suggested doing the bus tour, and I thought it’d be a great way to be a lazy butt but still be able to feel somewhat accomplished as a tourist. Thanks, John – it was a pretty good tour and I soon became overwhelmed with all the things to do and places to see. Should I take the cable car up to the palace, or roam around some gardens? Check out a museum? Noo, instead I decided to beach it. That’s more like it! I spent my afternoon having a long delicious seafood lunch by the beach, with a friendly waiter who gave me free dessert and this amazing amazing grappa. Then I strolled to the beach and soon fell asleep, woke up and realized I was late for meeting Ramon, a friend of Abi’s who is a local. Ramon was sooo great – he took me on a mini tour around the city, showing me his favorite squares and places. He also got me hooked on the Catallan drink of vermouth with tea and soda. Dangerously good!! He was such a great person to hang out with, and I hope to repay the favor when he visits NYC in the winter. After we parted ways, I wandered into a bar to watch the Barcelona game with a rowdy group. It was a lot of fun and the guys yelled out for free shots every time Barca scored (and they scored FIVE times.) At one point one of the players who scored took his shirt off in a victory moment and one of the guys did the same thing – too bad the physiques didn’t match, but it was still hilarious nonetheless. All in all, I would give today (and Barcelona) an A+, and I feel so blessed to be able to be on this journey.

Next stop, San Sebastian!!!

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