I’m in the Pursuit of Happiness…

I can’t believe I made it here! And I can’t believe I was actually somewhat prepared for this! In the weeks leading up to this trip, I have been so busy with leaving my job (holy crap I can’t believe I quit my job) and prepping my apt for my sublet, that planning for Europe has definitely fallen to the wayside. However, things just clicked so well when I got here. My backpack is awesome – thanks, E for helping me pack and repack that badboy. I feel like I have just the right amount of stuff, and traveling with it is a total breeze. Sure, there have been a few setbacks but nothing major. For example, the first night my lock got stuck and I had to cut it. 1 lock down, 2 to go! The hostel I wanted in Barcelona was booked until Mon, which was a bummer because the location is super ideal. But I’ll be there tomorrow, and the hostel I’m at is siick! Im hoping that whatever happens it wont be too much of a problem, but more importantly that I’ll be able to roll with it.

This is going to be an awesome trip.

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