Madrid, I’ve missed you! I was only in Madrid for a day and a half, but so glad that I flew in there. My hostel was nice, and I met some nice kids from UK and Germany (and of course Australia because there are so many here! Talk about knowing how to live it up!) Definitely the highlight of Madrid was visiting with my Spanish family who I haven’t seen in 6 years. Right away I had to dust off my Spanish skills since my family doesn’t know English. Sometimes it was a little difficult, but honestly it was a great crash course in getting back into the groove. I met a guy that was staying with them, and ironically he’s also from UCI. Small world. I caught a siesta at their house after lunch (oh man how I missed those figs from their fig tree!!) and then headed back to the city. After my night out I spent Fri wandering around from plaza to plaza before I caught my train to Barcelona. On the train the guy next to me struck up a convo with me (also didn’t speak English) and so i was once again put on the spot. But it’s been really great speaking the language again, and I’m really going to miss having that when I leave Spain to head into France. I definitely need to live in a Spanish speaking country again ::the plotting begins::


Quote Book
20 Year Old Hostelmate: Well, there’s a bar there but I looked in and everyone is 30+.
Me: ::winces:: Ouch.

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August 26, 2011 · 8:21 pm

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